The owners: Charles-henry et Ségolène de Valbray

I was born and raised on this very hillside and Ségolène and I seized the recent chance to buy this 17th century former winery. We have many years’ experience of running a hotel and in restoring old buildings. We transformed our 11 bedroom family chateau of St Paterne in Normandy into a four star, award-winning chateau-hotel http://www.chateau-saintpaterne.com. We have brought this experience to bear on our transformation of St Martin. We wanted the house to have a special character that combines modern comfort with the charm of an ancient Provencal building. Ségolène is a designer at heart and has a love of materials. She has used her 20 years of experience to bring colour and life to this wonderful building. St Martin is designed for friends and family to share laughter, pleasure, meals at the large dining tables and siestas in the shade of the old olive trees. We believe in authentic restoration to preserving spirit and character of the historic houses we own”